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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The 2006 Midtown International Theatre Festival Presents

The Sit-Down Show

“Hilarious” Smut Host Desiree Burch talks to empty rooms.

Galapagos Smut Host and New York Neo-Futurist Desiree Burch opens up theater’s fourth wall for connections of wit and insight on television and the lonely phony people it creates in solo work The Sit-Down Show, a hip, hungry and poetic three-dimensional essay, part of the 2006 Midtown International Theatre Festival at the Where Eagles Dare Theater, on Tuesday July 18, Thursday, July 27 and Friday August 4 at 6PM. Stand-up comedy turned sit-down philosophy adjusts the contrast in a world where we would all rather be watching each other on screens. Taking the bold and humorous road through a social landscape of deviance and escapism this eyes-wide-open journey goes beyond cynicism and candyland, to a place of truth where cameras fear to tread.

Called “hilarious” in last week’s NY Daily News “Perfect 10,” (SIP AND STRIP—June 19, 2006) Burch is a rising iconoclast whose work consistently skates the razor’s edge—the strength of daring and intellectual prose and the invigorating hope and wit of comedy and entertainment. Between cell phone, smoking and crime drama dependences, the underground comedian uses the language of TV culture to talk about race, sex, gender, self-destruction, image and faith with wit and candor. Burch is known on the Downtown scene for work that is “surprisingly meaty,” (Off-Off Online) while being “pretty damn funny and pretty damn good.” (Yale Herald) With work that weaves the poetic and absurd, this “vibrant” (the Gothamist) writer/comedian “stands out… taking on a variety of subjects and fancies.” (Drama Review) The Sit-Down Show is her writing and performance evolution, fusing stand-up and monologue from Caroline’s to Joe’s Pub P.S. 122 the Mae West Festival in Seattle; from tour-de-force work in Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind to salacious inspirations on the Smut stage.

The Sit-Down Show first appeared as Sit-Down in the 2005 Dixon Place HOT! Festival, with performances at The Tank and Galapagos Art Space. This after-work offering comes reinvented to the Midtown Festival with the promise of “Dinner and a Show.”—that means fresh commentary, subversive delights and most importantly, EXTRA VALUE, at each of these 6 p.m. “Happy Hour” performances.

The Sit-Down Show

you are what you watch.


Tuesday July 18 @ 6 p.m.

Thursday July 27 @ 6 p.m.

Tuesday August 18 @ 6 p.m.

Where Eagles Dare Theatre

347 West 36th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

$18/$15 Seniors &students--“Dinner and a Show”


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Believe Muthafucka

This Event is Going to Rock
I really really must say, I have some of my favorite performers on this fine fine evening.

This is the first benefit for The Sit-Down Show.
So Come Out and Give Some Love
In the Form of Money.

Life is a Fun and Desperate Thing.

The Apocalypse Will Be Televised.
Admit it.
You saw this coming.
Galapagos Art Space (DUH!)
You Know Where It Is

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Sit-Down Show

The newest s0lo work by writer/comedian Desiree 8urch explores identity and deviance forme3d through a pastiche of televi5ed experience. It is the goal of this funny, witty, 9uirky coffee-date-of-a-show to fuck w1th your heart as well as your head.

JULY 2006
Featured in New York's Midtown International Theatre Festival

The Sit-Down Show
at Where Eagles Dare Theater
347 West 36th Street, btw. 8th and 9th Avenues
Tuesday July 18 @ 6PM
Thursday July 27 @ 6PM
*$15 when purchased before May 30th.
*(use discount code wohs1)